JV Soccer Kicks Through Tough Season


Jaida Phillips

The JV soccer team huddles together and chants before they start their match against MICDS on May 3.

Jaida Phillips, Staff Writer

Pattonville’s JV soccer team had a 0-3 result, losing their playoff game against MICDS on May 3.

The team had been working very hard this past season trying to improve their skills.

Some of the drills that the girls did to enhance their skills included touches and dribbling drills.

Coach Cross’ favorite drills for her players were the passing drills and touches.

During the off-season, Coach Cross is depending on her players to join a summer team. “Of course, at the end of the season we’re talking about if they should join a summer team too,” she said.

This season has been tough for the JV soccer team, but they were focused on “doing a lot more fundamental stuff because we have a lot of girls on the team,” Coach Cross said.

Although not scoring a single point in their game against MICDS, the team tried their hardest at beating their opponent.

Goalie Olivia Penrod tried diligently not to let the ball get past her.

At the beginning of the game against MICDS, both teams were having trouble keeping the ball in bounds. But eventually, the game started flowing and the Pirates knew what they had to fix.

“My goal personally [was] to improve my foot skills and goal kicks,” captain Cyan Kelley said. “For my team, I just want us to learn, improve, and have a positive mindset.”

There were a lot of new players on the JV team this season, so it took the team a little bit to get used to playing together, but with hard work and determination, they were able to work together and compete against other schools.

The players all have different reasons as to why they decided to try out and join JV soccer.

For captain Aiva Barry, “my best friend did it in the second grade, and I thought I might as well try it too, and here I am.”

“My family has always been involved in sports, so when the opportunity presented itself years ago, I took it,” Kelley said.

The JV team ended their season playing against Parkway West High School on May 10, losing the game 0-8.