JV Baseball Aspires to Get As Far As They Can On the Field


Peyton Gregory

Jacob Baalmann gets down and ready in his position as a second baseman in Pattonville’s game against Ladue on April 5.

Peyton Gregory, Social Media Editor

Jacob Baalmann hit the ground, baseball in his glove, making an astounding dive play to end the game against Ladue on April 5. The crowd, his team, and his family went wild.

“I loved being able to hype the whole team up and get the win,” Baalmann explained as it was one of his best moments on the field this year. “It’s definitely a moment I won’t forget,” Baalmann said.

Baseball has been one of the most significant influences in Baalmann’s life ever since he was six years old.

“I’ve learned valuable things like showing good sportsmanship and supporting my teammates, and most importantly to be aggressive and confident in all aspects of the game, which helps me on the field and everyday life,” Baalmann said.

All the things that Baalmann has learned over his 10 years playing baseball he uses today, playing his laborious position as second baseman.

“I prepare before every pitch by knowing what I’m supposed to do if I get the ball,” he said. “I also stay in an aggressive mindset by going for every ball that’s hit near me, which helps make me a better fielder and improves my confidence.”

Even with all the skills that Baalmann developed, there were still times when he struggled.

Taunting on the field by other teams can be a significant factor, especially when it’s a sport so focused on technique and being dependent on your teammates.

“Taunting can be annoying, especially when we are losing, but we pride ourselves on staying humble and letting our plays do the talking,” Baalmann said.

His teammate, Kyle Brenner, does the same.

“Personally, it doesn’t affect me that much,” Brenner said. “I block out everything other than my team and my coaches. However, I know that taunting tends to cause a lot of aggravation and distraction to the players.”

Although the boys face downfalls throughout their baseball career that can be challenging, Brenner always wants to remember that “in the end, it’s a game, and as long as you are giving 110% effort that’s what matters.”

Baalmaan tries to convey the importance of positivity to his team before every game. “I want all of us to remember to stay positive and give our best efforts on every play or at bat. I want all of us to support each other no matter the situation.”

As the Junior Varsity Baseball teams season concludes, Baalmaan had hoped to “work my hardest so that I can get to the next level. But most importantly, to enjoy the game and the time I have with my teammates on the field.”