Play Smart: JV Girls’ Lacrosse


Pattonville’s JV Girls’ Lacrosse team worked together to progress their skills. Over the season the girls’ improved their understanding of the game through teamwork.

Katie Ridings, Layout/Design Editor

JV Girls’ Lacrosse fought for a win on their turf. On May 5, the team brought their strength to the Pattonville stadium against John Burroughs.

The team played a total of 11 games over the season. One of their final games was played against John Burroughs.

With the majority of the team being new to the game, major improvements had to be made.

All except five members of the team were new to lacrosse.

“Only a couple people had played before but the rest of our roster [had] not. We [were] progressing very quickly which  [was] great,” sophomore Kylie Surrat said.

The team progressed a lot over the season, pushing themselves to become better and progress to the next level.

The team’s goalie, Lillian Cave, was named Player of the Game on May 5. Throughout the game, she was able to save almost all of the goals attempted against them.

“We bonded at practice. We all had to work together as a team in order to achieve our goals of getting better and moving up, Cave said.

The team’s upbeat attitude allowed them to stay in positive spirits.

Ashley Santel, a sophomore on the team, said that “keeping a good attitude is very important to keep going and finish the game strong.”

The team and coach all voted that Goalie Cave demonstrated these actions throughout the game.

Although the team lost against the John Burroughs’ Bears, they are proud of their accomplishments throughout the season.

Their goal is to better themselves as a team by the end of the season.

”We actually understand how the game works, our stick skills have improved, and our defense has gotten way better,” Sofia Kelly said.