The Power of a Camera at Pattonville


Nathanael Damte

Pattonville High School has photography, journalism, and video production courses that allow students to follow their passion of photography with the help of teachers and advisors.

Nathanael Damte, Staff Writer

As we adventure through our lives and try to enjoy most of it, some parts can be forgotten. That’s where photos and videos come in handy to keep these memories near us and not forgotten. Photography and videography are used almost all the time and we don’t even think about it.

Oh, hey could you send me those photos of us hiking yesterday?
I was wondering if you got a video of me doing my speech in class. Could you send it?
Could you send me the pictures and videos from the wedding last night? I want to send it to my friends and family
Did you see the highlights of the football games last night? They were amazing!

Almost with everything we do we like to have some type of photo or video with it for memories. Photography and videography are one of the world’s many top hobbies and professional jobs. Pattonville High School is home to many photographers and videographers.

Pattonville offers a variety of photography and videography classes; Photography 1 & 2, 4 different types of journalism classes that incorporate photography, and 5 different video production classes. Seniors Samantha Dayrit and Paige Boyce, photographer and videographer at Pattonville High School, have fallen in love with cameras through these classes. Teachers oftentimes have an impact on these students’ love for cameras.

“I would have to say Mrs. Florence is the one that got me going for videography and helped me through the process,” Dayrit said. Mrs. Florence is the teacher for all of the video production class here at Pattonville high school.

“It would have to be Dr. Boyd got me into photography and helped me through the whole process,” Boyce said. Dr. Boyd is a retired teacher that used to teach all of the journalism classes that incorporated photography.

Some people use photography and videography as a way to show their creative side through it. For example, Dayrit uses her creative side to brainstorm different ideas for PTV videos and applies them to her production. Boyce uses her creative side to get different angles of whatever she is shooting to make her pictures stand out. Boyce is currently enrolled in Yearbook as a photographer and has been for a couple of years.

“I like that I can be creative in different ways. For example, I can’t draw so photography is where I find my artistic side,” Boyce said.

Senior Samantha Dayrit is currently enrolled in Pirate Sports Network and has been for two years as a videographer and has been enjoying her time.

I love videography because I get to capture the different angles of whatever I’m shooting and get to capture different facial expressions as well.

— Samantha Dayrit

As photography and videography are a big part of our daily lives in the world it also plays a big role within our school. These are only two of many photographers and videographers through Pattonville as it ranges from students to even staff. Some photographers and videographers keep this as their hobby which they cherish and enjoy. While some look at their potential and turn it into a sustainable job. There are many photographers and videographers with the same love for their hobby.