Girls’ Varsity Volleyball’s Tedious Win Against the Whitfield Warriors


Peyton Gregory

Captains Reagan Nelson and Kylie Surratt gathers the team before and after every game in order to go over what they need to improve and keep in mind for the game they are getting ready to play or just played.

Peyton Gregory , Social Media Editor

With Pattonville’s Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team having a successful season, their match with the Whitfield Warriors was another game for the books.

Even with their 3-0 win against Whitfield High School’s Varsity Volleyball team, captain Reagan Nelson sees areas for improvement.

“The game was humbling because the team was not great that we played, but they definitely caught up a few times and I think it kind of shows us that even though they were a lower level team, they can come back and bite you,” Nelson said.

While it is always beneficial to look at the mistakes made and how to improve, Coach Franken also looked into areas they did well.

“The team does a great job of coming together to overcome challenges. Their friendships off the court have grown with different team functions and this has helped strengthen their bond,” she said.

Their strong bond helped the team last year as well. It allowed them to leave a positive impression of themselves with a record of 16-3 in their 2021-2022 season. However, Coach Franken believes they can do even better and leave Pattonville in awe.

“Volleyball is a game of momentum. As long as we can control our unforced errors and stay focused on what we can do, we can shock some people this year,” she said.

While maintaining a high record and a good standing with their support, they also need to focus on what’s next for them.

“I am looking forward to our district game because it is a home game this year so we’ll be able to have a student section and hopefully we’ll get to go up against a good team,” Nelson said.

Although it will be easier to stay composed in the comfort of their own home, Franken wants to be sure they keep their after-game rituals to prepare them the best she can for their district game.

“After every game, we talk about a positive area of opportunity. This happens whether we win or lose,” Franken said. “This gives us a chance to celebrate our team efforts and focus on what we need to work on.”

Districts for the Lady Pirates begin on October 22. If they win districts, they will progress to the finals held on October 24th.