What to Do if You’re Bored and Broke over Winter Break


Elise Banks

Having inexpensive things to do during winter break with friends can be ethical for both high school students and their wallets.

As winter break approaches, some students are excited to relax and spend time with friends and family.
Though some of this time off may be filled with an overwhelming amount of responsibilities, having a little fun within the chaos can make winter break more enjoyable for everyone.

However, as high school students, it can be hard to find fun things to do that won’t hurt their wallets.

“Sometimes me and my friends have a really good idea of what to do, but then we look online to see how much it will be, we usually have to start all over again,” senior Athena Housley said.

For most students, the cost is a common issue when it comes to finding activities to do with friends. Things such as going on a road trip, or even going shopping can sound great, but in the end, can be really expensive.

“Even when me and my friends plan something ahead of time, when I look at how much money I have left, I realize that it was actually pretty pricey,” senior Kellen Williams said.

It can be difficult, and sometimes frustrating when certain activities can be expensive and students end up back where they started. However, having an open mind to things that may seem simple, can end up producing memorable moments with friends and family.

“A game of UNO or spades is really fun, but also can get really heated when it comes to me and my family, but I do have very fond memories of when we play those games,” Housley said.

A simple game night or movie night can end up being unforgettable if the right amount of creativity is poured into it.

“One time on my for you page, I saw this one friend group do a movie night and they started off the night by making forts,” Williams said. “And the person that won the fort-building contest got to pick the movie they watched, and I thought that was a dope idea.”

Doing a little research on inexpensive activities can end up going a long way, especially during this holiday season. Movie nights, bake-offs, and game nights are just a few ideas that, with the right people, can make lasting memories.