2023 Prom King and Queen: Maichi Ngyuen and Beckett Grabner


Jaskiren Jhaj

Prom king and queen, Beckett Grabner and Maichi Nguyen take the stage right before being crowned.

Ava Bearskin, Editor-in-Chief

Pattonville’s junior and senior prom was held at the Westport-Sheraton at 6:30pm on May 12. The dance included appetizers, a photo booth, and a DJ for students to dance to. Prom court was voted on previously and was presented at the dance. Prom king and queen were announced around halfway through the dance.
King and queen were announced as Maichi Nguyen and Beckett Grabner, much to the students’ excitement. Cheers erupted from the crowd as they were announced, the excitement only heightened by the fact that the duo walked in together.
Grabner was honored to be chosen as the king.
“I feel honored and at the same time I was really scared. I figured out that I don’t know how to dance. It was with my girlfriend of two years so that was nice,” Grabner said.
Nguyen on the other hand, was very surprised by being chosen.
“I honestly didn’t expect it at all. Whenever they called out Beckett’s name, I was like, ‘Yeah, of course.’ I very confidently thought that Beckett and Sarah Nelson would win,” Nguyen said.
Grabner and Nguyen both went to Art Hill to take photos before the dance and afterwards went home after a tiring night.
“It was definitely a night to remember. I don’t think I could have asked for it to go any other way. It was really emotional. I wish my dress strap didn’t break, and I wish me and Beckett actually knew how to dance, but other than that, I feel very happy and I feel like I’m ready to go and graduate now that I have checked all the boxes,” Nguyen said.