Letter to parents regarding district snow days

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Letter to parents regarding district snow days

PattonvilleTODAY staff

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The following message from Superintendent Dr. Mike Fulton was sent to parents in the district regarding the district’s snow days:

“Dear Parents and Guardians:

As we dig out of this recent winter storm, we are watching the forecast and road conditions for tomorrow. We understand how disruptive and challenging snow days can be for families. Our goal is to have school whenever possible, however, like you, the safety of our children is always our top priority. The National Weather Service is predicting very cold temperatures tomorrow (Feb. 6), which will be made worse by the wind chill. We are also uncertain about road conditions for tomorrow, especially where bus stops are concerned. While no decision has been made about using another snow day tomorrow, please remain alert for our automated call and/or various communication tools (television, email, website, Facebook and Twitter).

We continue to need your help in keeping students warm as they wait for buses. Please take into consideration conditions at the bus stop, the temperature outside and any possible delays in bus routes due to lingering snow. Make sure students have on extra layers, along with gloves and hats and sturdy footwear, covering as much bare skin as possible (hands and face). Keep students inside your home or a car where it’s warm for as long as possible.

Update on Snow Day Tally
With the snow day used on Wednesday, Feb. 5, Pattonville has used all six snow days built into the 2013-2014 school year calendar. If no other snow days are used for the remainder of the year, the last day of school for students in grades kindergarten through 11 will be June 2. Seniors’ last day will be May 28. There are some factors which ease the impact of snow days on Pattonville’s calendar.

  • If the total number of snow days goes beyond six days, Pattonville may have to use Spring Holiday (April 18) as a student attendance day this year. Other options such as attending on Presidents’ Day (Feb. 17) may also be considered.
  • Missouri law only requires districts to make up half of its snow days when it reaches more than seven days, but caps the total number of make up days required at 10. Districts do not have to make up days if they use more than 10 emergency days.
  • If Pattonville needed to make up the state’s maximum requirement of 10 emergency days, the district could adjust its calendar for students to go one less day. Under this scenario, school for kindergarten through 12th grade would end on June 3, and seniors’ last day would be May 29.

The last day of school will be officially set by the Board of Education in April, after winter weather is no longer a concern. The final day of school will be based on the total number of emergency days used.

We thank you for your attention to this message and your continued patience as we work through our challenging winter weather.

Mike Fulton