Track season is off and running after Green and White Meet, Lindenwood Meet

J.P. Killian, Writer

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Track and field is off to a great start working on sprints and distance running and working on field events.

The Green and White Meet that Pattonville team does at the start of the season serves as a time trial and was held at the high school on March 14. 

The meet consisted of the Pattonville students battling themselves as they endured races at their own pace and which would lead to the decision of what races they would compete in later in the season.

“They look like they are doing their best and they have really improved since the beginning of the season,” Tayler Horwitz said, as he was out on the field a couple of days helping out with the girls’ soccer team.

The track runners have been through a lot of workouts during the spring pushing through the rain and battling their mental strength as they push themselves to go faster and improve themselves.

Track had its first official meet at Lindenwood University throughout the day on March 24.

The meet went really well from relays and distance events to sprinting and jumping events earning Pattonville a 2nd place overall finish as a team.