Battle takes being a student-athlete seriously

Asia Oliphant, Journalist

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A 2-sport athlete, Kendall Battle manages to succeed on the basketball court and soccer field and in the classroom.

Fan might see Kendall Battle on the basketball court setting up plays or on the soccer field defending the goal, but fans do not get the chance to see her in the classroom.

Battle takes being a student-athlete at Pattonville High School seriously and does not just want to be an all-star athlete that everyone knows.

Scoring baskets on the court and making plays on the field aren’t the only things she is trying to accomplish. She’s also wanting to be a dedicated student.

“Although I’m an athlete, I tend to stay focused on school because my education is important.”

Getting good grades is a goal for Battle, as well as achieving in her sports. Currently, Battle is on the girls’ soccer team that is 7-1 and ranked No. 7 in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Large Schools poll. 

“It’s somewhat stressful maintaining decent grades and playing a sport, but it also takes patience and discipline to be able to achieve them.”

Battle is definitely preparing for her game plan.

“As an athlete, I would say that I am aggressive and committed and as a student I would say that I am adaptable and focused”, Battle said.

She works hard to keep up with an outstanding attendance percentage as well as maintaining high grades.

“I pretend to be in control to manage everything,” she said. “It’s all an image I maintain. My social life and sleep schedule suffer, but it is all worth it.”