Pirates Sports Net Athlete of the Week: Football player Sam Sanderson

Ja'Sir Gillum, Color Commentator

I sat down man-to-man with the Pirate Sports Net Athlete of the Week Sam “The Sandman” Sanderson where we talked talk about the football season opener, Week 2’s match-up against Holt, and playing on the football team and getting better as a student-athlete.

So how do you feel about your game in Week 1 and how do you feel about this next game coming up?

“During our last game, we made a lot of mistakes that we can improve on. It’s just a lack of focus. We thought we could just blow this team over, but they were hungry for a win and we were just there. Now this game that’s coming up on Friday (Aug. 31 against Holt), there’s a lot of things we can do good and there are some things we are going to do great. We will be more disciplined, trust me on that.”

Did Coach chew the team out after the last game?

“Yes, yes he did, because we know we’re a better team than that. To let someone come into our house, and win [Hickman won 23-20 with a field goal as time expired], it can’t be like that.”

Who do you think some of the standout players will be this year?

“OK, I’m going to say two, and not just because he’s my cousin, but Terrell Sanderson is one. Even though he’s family, he’s doing great things on the field, like he’s showing more aggression. He’s getting his mind there, he’s being smart and making himself look great. He’s watching film, he’s able to stop people, and he tackles people easily, so he’s doing absolutely amazing things. He’s just got to keep that going. Now on offense, Elijah Carter. If he gets his mind focused, the man can be absolutely great. He is one of the most athletic kids on our team. He can catch and has amazing focus. He could absolutely be a star one day.”

What colleges are you planning on attending?

“To be honest, I don’t know. I’m going to just wait until the season’s over to see what school is the best fit for me.”

Have you been going on college visits?

“Yeah, I’m still going on college visits and game day visits, but I just want to see which one is good for me.”

Which one looks like the best option right now?

“I don’t know, man. I kind of want to go to Yale but I might look stupid in pre-med, so if the D1 stuff doesn’t work out, the only college I’m looking at that’s D2 is the Northwest Missouri Bearcats.”


“Yeah, their uniforms are great. I’m going to have a game day visit on Sept. 8 if I can make it.”

“Is it far?”

“No, I have the ACT.”