anime_club_new_logo_17_by_wbread-d35eftrAnime, or Japanese animation, is usually thought of a niche interest or something that only nerds are into. However, at Pattonville, there is an after-school club for those fans of anime.

Anime Club, which meets every Wednesday after school, is a club to watch and discuss anime. Most people in the club enjoy hanging out with their friends that enjoy anime.

“The main appeal is most likely the array of people that show up, opening up opportunities to make new friends with the same interests as everyone else there,” club president Kat Vogler said.

The club spends most of its time revolving around anime. While most meetings involve watching an anime selected by the group, other meetings have anime games like Jeopardy, trivia, charades, or improv.

As Vogler said through Facebook, “It usually depends on what the club members want to do that day, since I offer the choice between a few ideas.”

The club is doing one special event that no other club can say they are. On April 18, the Pattonville Anime Club will go on a special trip to the anime convention, Anime St. Louis or ASTL for short.

There, the club will act as separate entities.

“If we’re all able to go, club members can roam around and do as they like,” Vogler said.

She added club members should travel with a partner or friend, just to be safe.

ASTL features a number of events, including guest appearances by voice actors Eric Stuart and Erica Mendez.

In regards to Anime Club, outside of checking in with club officers, “it’ll just be a group outing outside of Anime Club.”

For anyone else, Anime St. Louis is an event from April 17-19 in Collinsville, Illinois. The Pattonville Anime Club meets every Wednesday, after school, in either H207 or B112.

Note: All quotes in this article were obtained via Facebook messaging.

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