Daisy Jones and the Six: 70s Hollywood Brought to Life on Amazon Prime


Daisy Jones and the Six released on Amazon Prime Video in March. Photo from Amazon Studios.

Jones and“Daisy Jones and the Six” was a heart-wrenching, emotional, and utterly real story that paid homage to its 70s nostalgia.

This show follows an LA band in a documentary-style, time-jumping drama, beginning with the older band members finally speaking about what happened the night they played a sold-out show in Chicago, which ended up being their final show ever. Flashbacks detail the band’s beginning and the journey that follows.
The series first aired on Amazon Prime in March after being adapted from the novel of the same name by Taylor Reid Jenkins. It currently has a 69% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
“Daisy Jones and the Six” shows the realities of getting famous really fast and the pressures that come with it. It tackles a lot of tough issues that many celebrities and band members struggle with such as alcohol and drug abuse, infidelity, marriage issues, and teen pregnancy. The Amazon Prime show makes these issues real to viewers and makes it clear what drug abuse can do to people, especially those under the spotlight.
Lead guitarist and singer, Billy Dunne, played by “The Hunger Games” star, Sam Clafin, starts a band with his brother, Graham Dunne (Will Harrison) and his friends, Warren (Sebastian Chacon) and Eddie (Josh Whitehouse) to begin the show. They move to LA under the name “The Dunne Brothers.” Billy’s girlfriend, Camilla, joins them as well.

Once in LA, they start to gain more attention under the direction of Teddy Price (Tom Wright), a giant music producer at the time. As the band is getting increasingly more famous, Camilla gets pregnant. Billy and Camilla get married and then the band goes on tour.
While on tour, things take a turn for the worse. Billy cheats on his pregnant wife while also struggling with substance abuse. On his daughter’s birthday, Billy loses it on stage. Instead of being there for his daughter’s birth, he goes to rehab, destroying the band’s fame.
Meanwhile, Daisy Jones navigates family drama while getting her foot in the musical door. She meets Teddy as well and eventually signs with him. Daisy reinvents a song Billy wrote and they start to work together. They struggle to meld together as a band as Daisy and Billy argue over everything.

As they get their footing, the band gets huge. Their 70s rock music blows up. While writing an album and eventually preparing for a tour, the band struggles with balancing life with their music, their love lives, and the growing connection between Daisy and Billy both on and off stage.
The relationship between Daisy and Billy is perhaps the most interesting, devastating, and crazy part of the series. Half of the time, they seem like soulmates, creating beautiful, meaningful music together. They seem to be two halves of the same whole, picking up the slack for each other. The other half of the time, they seem like two flames that soar together but are bound to burn out.

The pair have ugly fights, screaming at each other during band practice and at photo shoots. Even if they had a horrible fight though, they are always able to have incredible chemistry on stage. This creates a hard dynamic with Billy’s family as well. His wife Camilla suspects Billy and Daisy are having an affair even though she has been an incredibly supportive wife.
The characters in “Daisy Jones and the Six” are the most impactful part of the series. The dynamics between the band members as well as their differing personalities creates drama as well as a great balance. Viewers are taken on a roller coaster ride with the band, feeling every devastating moment with the band.

While the characters are certainly morally gray, viewers can’t help but love them. The characters simply feel real, struggling with the same issues that many others struggle with as well. They are broken, which could be the most relatable thing about them.

The acting was also phenomenal. The characters have such a whirlwind of emotions and can be so incredibly messy and the actors portrayed the emotional scenes perfectly. It was easy to forget that this show was fictional.
The soundtrack for the series is top-tier. It features many songs from the 70s including Carole King, Aerosmith, The Dixie Cups, and more. Lead songwriter Blake Mills also wrote a multitude of original songs, recorded and performed by the cast.
Overall, the show was truly great. It was heart-warming and gut-wrenching at the same time. The ups and downs felt realistic and relatable. With the incredible soundtrack, emotional performances, and captivating drama, “Daisy Jones and the Six” is a 10 out of 10.