The Pattonville High School Athletic Training Student Assistants (ATSA) are hosting a G-Week through Gatorade Sept. 12-14. Throughout this 3-day period, all fall student-athletes have been receiving free items from Gatorade. Students have gotten Gatorade chews, protein bars, energy bars and protein shakes.

Gatorade hosts G-Week and these were some of the items handed out to athletes

Gatorade hosts G-Week and these were some of the items handed out to athletes.

“It is an opportunity for all of our athletes to gain some knowledge about nutrition and how to fuel their bodies for games,” athletic trainer Samantha Keeler said. “It’s three days and they get a bar or chews before their practice or game, so something with carbs to give them energy for before they play. Then they get something after the game or practice that has protein for recovery.”

Pattonville has a lot of Gatorade gear including water bottles, coolers, and powder packets for flavored water that students use throughout their sports seasons.

“Gatorade gives you an opportunity if you purchase a certain number of kits at the beginning of the year to have a G-Week,” Keeler said, “They bring in lots of free products and do a presentation on the first day and they talk about the different products they have and they talk about how each one helps the body whenever you’re competing.”

G-Week is to show athletes, especially those who don’t eat healthy during the day, how it feels to play full of the right nutrition.

“It’s a great opportunity for kids who don’t usually eat during the day or before practice,” Keeler said. “Athletes can really notice a difference in how they play with simple steps in eating healthy.”

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