imageValentine’s Day plans aren’t always what they are cracked up to be — some people will be spending Sunday, Feb. 14, with their special someone, while others may be lying in a puddle of tears.

This year, students will have a day to recover whether their Valentine’s Day is good or bad because Monday, Feb. 15, is President’s Day and students have the day off school.

With a variety of plans made for this Sunday, Caitlin Hamm ventured out to lunches and asked several students how they would be spending their Valentine’s Day this year:

Christina Trinh: “I’ll probably just be hanging out at my house with my friends.”

Megan Walsh: “I’m sleeping the entire day.”

Briana McPherson: “I’ll be working at Schnuck’s.”

Gabriela Llamas: “Hailey Patel and I are going to Hooters and are taking a picture of our exes because if you take a picture to “shred your ex,” you get 10 free wings with the purchase of 10 wings.”

Rachael Vitale: “I’m probably just going to sit at home and cry.”

Madison Blair: “I’ll be playing in a softball tournament.”

Isabelle Garcia: “Well, it’s Micah Giancola’s birthday, so I’ll be with him.”

Karlie Wright: “I’ll be working at the Drunken Fish.”

Lydia Goetz: “I’ll be working with Karlie Wright at the Drunken Fish.”

Alyssa Reyes: “I think I’m going to go see a movie but I really don’t wanna do anything.”

Blake Klenke: “I’m crying the entire day.”

Mollie Emerick: “I’m eating buffalo wings with my cat.”

Cory Fisk: “I’m hanging with my guys because we don’t love these girls.”

Kristina Warner: “I’m spending time with my friends because boys suck.”

Rose Turner: “I’m going out to eat with Molli, Adam, and Judge.”

Christopher Kowalski: “I’m gonna get roses, go to Brooke’s favorite restaurant, and watch Netflix.”

David Hocog: “I’m Netflix and chilling by myself.”

Kaitlyn Judson: “I’m going to brunch with my boyfriend, Andy.”

Jordin McGehee: “I’m eating cheesecake and watching movies.”

Nicholas White: “I’ll be sleeping cause I’m lonely and nobody loves me.”

Jordan Wilkes: “I’m Netflixing by myself.”

Dakotah Blankenship: “I’m laying with my girlfriend and watching Netflix. No chilling!”

Sarah Ponder: “I’m going to volleyball and hanging out with all my girl friends.”

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