After the modified schedule during the week of EOC testing, students prepare for another week of rearranged schedules. Due to the debate tournament being hosted by Pattonville on Friday, this week’s schedule has been changed to an AAABC schedule week.

Senior Molly Sullivan is one of many students who struggle with the schedule change.

“I don’t like that I never know what day it is. I feel messed up all the time and I never can remember what work I have due,” Sullivan said. “I like having the block days because it allows me to get homework done and I can get a lot of work done, but when the days are reorganized, it messes me up.”

Senior Brandon Wilkes II likes having the changed schedules.

“It adds a little bit of diversity into a normally boring week,” Wilkes said. “Usually it’s repetitive. It’s AABCA one week and then the next and the next. This makes me change my routine. That’s why I liked the change during EOC week.”

Senior Audrey Dasovich also likes the mix-up in the schedule.

“Having the same schedule each week is boring to me, so the fact that we have a modified week is nice,” she said. “Since we have less time for classes during the week, we get less school work to do.”

The modified schedule will continue for the rest of the semester due to finals starting on Friday, Dec. 16, and continuing on Dec. 19-21 .

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