Mr. Pirate Press Brady Bell performs his ribbon dance talent with Micah Evans while Christi Hamil played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the piano.

Senior Brady Bell participated in the Mr. PHS pageant on Feb. 26 as Mr. Pirate Press and was one of the Top 5 finalists.

“I figured since it was my senior year, I would just go out and have a little fun with it,” Bell said.

Mr. STUCO Canaan Keer won the Mr. PHS crown.

Bell prepared for Mr. PHS by learning the opening dance and practicing one day after school with the other contestants.

Bell, not knowing what to do at first, decided on ribbon dancing for the talent portion.

“I thought about what I should do for awhile, but since I was trying to have fun with it, I decided I should do something a little different.”

He danced along with junior Micah Evans, and was accompanied by senior Christine Hamil on the piano.

“It only took us about five hours to practice,” Bell said.

Bell contributes getting to the Top 5 to his dancing talents and how he answered the question he was given during the interview portion of the pageant. Bell used a typical beauty pageant answer when answering the question he was given.

“I answered the question (What would you do if you won the lottery?) by saying that I would give back to my parents because they raised me right and starting a charity. I feel that gave me some props with the judges.”

Bell also enjoyed Mr. Choir Kyle Baldwin’s performance during the talent portion; he sang Pompeii.

If Bell wasn’t a senior, he would be participating again because he had a good experience.


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