20161017_125316Pattonville had three singers selected for the all-state choir when the high school hosted the St. Louis Suburban District Honors Choir performance on Saturday, Nov. 5, in the Pattonville auditorium. There are three different Honor Choirs: The 9th -10th grade honors choir, the women’s honors choir, and the 11th-12th grade honors choir.

St. Louis Suburban District selects the top 4 singers in each voice part for the All-State Choir. The students are scored on two separate vocal auditions, key signature identification, and two sight-reading lines.

Pattonville had three students selected for All State: Marissa Dickman, Aaron Garner and Ben Moser.

Marissa Dickman, senior, soprano

  • -Marching Band-Drum Major
  • -Concert Band-French Horn
  • -Opera Theatre of St. Louis Artist in Training (studies voice with professor at UMSL)
  • -2nd Year All-State Choir Member
  • -Pit Orchestra

Aaron Garner, junior, bass

  • -Orchestra – Cello
  • -Many years in St. Louis Children’s Choir
  • -Voice Studies with Dr. Carter of Webster University

Ben Moser, senior, tenor

  • -Orchestra-String Bass
  • -Jazz Ensemble- String Bass
  • -Pit Orchestra
  • -All-State Jazz Band – String Bass (2 years)
  • -Jazz U at Jazz at the Bistro
  • -St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra

Pattonville High School’s Choir Program was in the Top 3 in the area for number of students selected to both the District Honors Choir and the All-State Honors Choir.

During the District Honors Choir performance on Saturday, singers were directed by clinicians who led each choir. Reese Norris led the 9th-10th group, Joelle Norris led the women’s, and Cameron LaBarr led the 11th-12th graders.

Students made it in to Honors Choir after an audition in September, and met on Tuesday Nov. 1, from 6- 8:30 p.m. to go over the music they performed on Saturday.

“I look forward to Honors Choir because it gives me a chance to meet new people and challenge myself with music I haven’t seen before,” junior Josh Royal said.

There are about four pieces per group. Students do not get a long time to rehearse with the entire choir, and have only about 6 hours that Tuesday and on Saturday to practice as a full group.


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