After the hard work, long study hours, and tests that teachers put students through, many high school students would want to take revenge on their teacher.

In Physics 1, students are given just what they want when they are given the opportunity to drop an egg off the stadium onto their physics teacher’s head for their Revenge Lab.

Students have to calculate the necessary measurements to precisely hit their teacher in the head with an egg. The lab is run by Physics 1 teachers Ms. Amy Schwendemann and Ms. Erin Mulanax.


“I’ve been doing this experiment for about 15 years,” Mulanax said. “I stole this experiment from another physics teacher after I got here about 17 years ago.”

The goal of the lab is for the student to use their knowledge about free- fall motion with constant velocity to use the necessary calculations to know when to drop the egg.

For Mulanax, the most rewarding part of the Revenge Lab is seeing the students excitement about the lab and, of course, getting hit in the head with an egg.

“I really love the excitement the students have when the students finally put everything together, whether it be they figure out how to measure something or whatever they were struggling with,” Mulanax said. “I don’t help them with any calculations and it’s really rewarding to watch students figure it out on their own. It’s also really fun and rewarding to get hit on the head with an egg.”

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