This year’s fall play, Little Women, will be performed on Oct. 13-15 in the high school theatre. Set construction started for the crew on Sunday, Oct. 2, and although the set isn’t completely finished, it will be by Friday, Oct. 7.

Senior Audrey Baird is involved with the technical crew for the play. She spent this past weekend working on the set for the performances.

“Set construction was a little difficult this year because it was much bigger than last year’s,” Baird said. “It’s taller and wider and it takes up the whole stage.”

Not only was there more to do, there were a lot more specific details to focus on in construction.

“Half of the wall is brown and I had to make it look like wood paneling with texture so I had to take a light brown paint and mix it with water and use a sponge to streak down the whole wall all across the stage.”

Baird was also part of set construction and props last year for the play.

“I like set construction because I love painting on walls,” Baird said. “It’s also fun being in the props room because there is so much stuff to dig through and find that would work on the set.”

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