With the weather getting warmer and second semester in full swing, an epidemic is sweeping through the class of 2016. It’s called Senioritis and the side effects to many students are very severe. Here are 20 seniors talking about the symptoms they have been experiencing:

  1. “I sleep through most of my classes.” -Megan Kendrick
  2. “Finishing assignments on time has not been happening.” -Candace Adams
  3. “I’m late to school almost every day.” -Ryan Martin
  4. “I just want to sleep constantly.” -Megan Morris
  5. “I have no motivation at all.” -Kaylee Moody
  6. “I wear sweatpants every day to school.” -Melina Custer
  7. “I just don’t care anymore.” -Brooke Crowell
  8. “Extreme exhaustion.” -Madelyn Hunsaker
  9. “I can’t find my ID, so I don’t wear it.” -Sarah Gordon
  10. “I have made Tony’s my first priority, even if it means being late.” -Jessica Bailey
  11. “I don’t shower every day.” -Kristin Barringhaus
  12. “I look like a bum every day.” -Lindsay Fink
  13. “My car runs on empty for 3 days, because I am trying to save money for college.” -Natalie Siegel
  14. “I never know the answer to any questions.” -Sarah Cradick
  15. “I don’t really have a backpack.” -Alex Caldwell
  16. “Watching Grey’s Anatomy counts as Human Anatomy homework.” -Kayla Berry
  17. “I’m just late to everything.” -Adam Goss
  18. “Homework? What is homework?” -David Treat
  19. “Wanna hear a joke? My attendance.” -Emma Stover
  20. “At this point, I’d rather run my food over repeatedly with a car than go to school.” -Samantha Wright

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