The ACT is an entry exam into most colleges in the nation. As the year advances, more juniors (and even some sophomores) have been thinking about or have already taken the ACT.

The ACT will be given at Pattonville High School on Feb. 6. The test will be given on the first floor of the H-wing and students will need to enter the building through the door next to the library. Check-in will begin at 7:20 a.m. and students need to come prepared with an ACT admission ticket, a picture ID, their calculator and pencils. Admission tickets will NOT be printed at the school.

To some, the ACT is a giant game of figuring out the different tricks of test-taking. Students learn various tricks and tips as they go throughout the school year.

In honor of the Feb. 6 ACT being offered at Pattonville High School, Abby Schnable asked 20 juniors and seniors how they prepare for the ACT:

Amy Azwell: “I sleep the night before and I read lots of math questions the next morning.”

Matthew Anderson: “I read and took a lot of practice tests.”

Kalekidan Yeshiwas: “Well, I slept through the day of the June ACT because I was doing something the day before…so don’t do that.”

Molly Sullivan: “Mr. Broyles gave me a lot of math pre-tests and that’s how I practiced.”

Jack McFarling: “I went to the ACT Prep classes because they are actually wonderful.”

Nicholas Mansell: “I pay attention in English and actively participate in DOLs.”

Madelyn Hunsaker: “I sleep a lot the night before. Dr. Baldwin’s class really helped too.”

Cameron Barnes: “I had a tutor and that helped me raise my score.”

Kayla Vitale: “I go to the night review classes.”

Eleanor Gershman: “I cry…a lot.”

Tyler Balk: “I went to ALL of the ACT prep classes.”

Haley Raftery: “I usually have an existential crisis which is followed by 40 minutes of staring at a study book and ultimately crying myself to sleep.”

Kaytlyn Richmond: “I get a lot of sleep, I eat a good breakfast, and I get there on time.”

Hunter Collier: “I prepared by buying the real ACT Prep book.”

Erykah White: “I have a mental breakdown two days before the test, and then the day before I make sure to eat right and get a lot of sleep and do my best on the test.”

Lydia Goetz: “I am in ACT Prep and that helps a lot.”

Alyssa Reyes: “I have this ACT app that helped me study and taught me tips.”

Isabelle Garcia Blackwell: “I use review books and take practice tests, the ACT Prep classes are great too.”

Gabriel Janger: “Preparing is for minor league players. Winners don’t prepare.”

Jordan Colquitt: “The first time I took the test, I did it at Ladue, but it was more comforting for me being able to take the test here at Pattonville.”

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