Students are in line to get one dessert. They got to choose from cheesecake or cupcakes.

Students stand in line to get a dessert. They got to choose from a piece of cheesecake or a cupcake.

Earning good grades might have its own perks but Pattonville’s Renaissance program added one more.

It held a dessert bar for students who received a 3.0 or better during the second grading period on Dec. 9. Students received their desserts during their normal lunch sessions.

“This year we ordered from Sam’s because we used to have a really good deal with McArthur’s Bakery,” Renaissance sponsor and teacher Ms. Beth Moritz said. “I had a connection with past owner Randy McArthur, but he sold the bakery two years ago so that great deal evaporated. So we were looking for a cost effective way to get good desserts and Sam’s did that for us. Ms. Joan Mason in the front office helped by going and picking the desserts up.”

The Dessert Bar is run by students in the Renaissance club. A committee is created and those students are in charge of making a theme and decorating the area where the dessert bar is held.

“I made signs and helped decorate the section of the cafeteria where the desserts were being passed out,” senior Liza Gusleva said. “I also made the passes that were passed out to students so they knew they got to choose a dessert. It was a lot of work, and I’m just glad everything turned out.”

Students in the club also volunteer by helping set up and handing the desserts out during the lunches.

“It’s a lot of fun passing out the desserts,” senior Madison Duello said. “Sometimes Renaissance students get to take the leftover desserts home, so I’m sure some of the members enjoy that.”

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