Triple A members and guests perform gospel songs on stage.

Triple A members and guests perform gospel songs on stage.

Triple A Club (African American Achievers) organized a program titled “I, Too, Am Pattonville” on Feb. 28, celebrating Black History Month while showcasing Pattonville students as performers. Entry was free of charge and was open to the public.

“We included skits, a guest speaker, two step teams, poetry readings, singing and much more,” member junior Yohanes Mulat said.

Mulat was one of the hosts for the evening.

“I began the program by reciting “I too sing America” while Keturah Gadson recited “I hear America singing” by Walt Whitman,” Yohanes said.

Triple A plans to put on more shows such as this one in the future and they hope to make it a part of the high school tradition and encourage students to take part in the event.

Yohanes believes the show was a great way to present Black History, and bring black culture to the Pattonville community.

Another performer, junior Bria Griffith, said she feels the show is really important to educate Pattonville students.

“At our school, we often get neglected and overlooked,” Griffith said. “I performed the Evolution of Black Dance, showing have black dance moves have changed over time.”

The name for the show was inspired by a video called “I, too, am Harvard.”

“It shows how African Americans feel in school which is something we can all relate too,” Griffith said. “It’s important to include everyone.”

Teacher and sponsor Ms. Kara White said the club spent countless hours preparing for the show.

“We had rehearsals every morning and many Fridays, sometimes without breaks,” White said. “The students worked extremely hard.”

She also said the show meant a lot to the students.

“I really wanted them to feel as if it was for them and that they put this on themselves,” she said. “It was Black History Month and someone had to put on a show.”

Students can visit Ms. White if they are interested in joining Triple A. The club meets every other Monday from 2:30-4:00pm after school and anyone is welcomed.

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