Seniors are closer to graduation than they think. With about six weeks remaining in the school year, students are currently in the middle of their last normal 5-day week of A,A,B,C,A.

The next few weeks all have an altered schedule due to ACT testing, prom, EOCs or finals.

With that said, all students are beginning to look back on their favorite and most embarrassing moments while in high school:

Ellisa Hanne: “Junior year, I fell down the entire flight of stairs in front of three math teachers and pretended like nothing happened.”

Tessa Stahlhut: “At the beginning of rehearsals for Cinderella, I would always run into things, trip up the stairs, and in fact, I even face-planted on stage. I had so many bruises the first two months, it’s not even funny.”

Megan Kendrick: “During freshman year debate, Tessa and I would FaceTime the whole long period and make ugly faces. We never paid any attention, yet we both ended up with Bs”

Caitlin Hamm: “Junior year on my birthday, I was walking through the lunchroom, tripped and fell, all while throwing my QT cup which splattered all over the seniors.”

Kayla Berry: “My birthday senior year during softball try outs, my mom called a singing telegram to practice and everyone knew about it but me. They made me whip and nae-nae in front of everyone. I was so embarrassed.”

Zach Humphrey: “Sophomore year, I tinkled my pants in front of my teacher.”

David Treat: “Definitely senior year spirit week assembly.”

Abbey Himmelmann: “Being a freshman.”

Amanda Faust: “One time I was playing in a JV volleyball game my freshman year and I went to swing for a ball and it hit me straight in the face.”

Megan Volz: “Most embarrassing thing is when I accidentally tackled my teammate Amanda Faust in the middle of a game.”

Bailey Schaefermeier: “The second week of freshman year I got hit in the face with a softball and had to walk around with a fat, bruised face.”

Candace Adams: “Watching someone stomp on Caitlin Hamm’s toe during homecoming.”

Jerica Taylor: “Going to Orlando with yearbook.”

Mandie Wilson: “One time Brooke pants-ed me in the middle of the band room”

Elena Davis: “Sophomore year I was texting and walking down the stairs, and I fell and broke my foot.”

Alex Bodicky: “Favorite is getting locked in the bathroom with Elena during a swim meet.”

Clarissa Rendon: “I’ve walked into the boys bathroom three times, two of which were senior year.”

Josh White: “Spirit week against the seniors for sure.”

Abby Schnable: “Sophomore year on my birthday on my way back to my lunch table my chair was taken, so my friend went over to the guy who took it and pulled it out from underneath him.”

Ryan Martin: “Lunch freshman year, I grabbed a chair and didn’t see that it was broken, sat down in it and fell in the middle of the whole lunch room.”

Leah Barklage: “Freshman year during soccer tryouts a girl tripped me and looked at me laughing while I was on the ground.”

Mollie Emerick: “On registration day sophomore year, I was walking up the stairs in a maxi dress and face planted in front of everyone.”

Matt Anderson: “The most fun I’ve had in high school is with my three best friends Tessa, Valerie, and Rachael.”

Morgan Stubblefield: “During the first performance for Cinderella, and my voice cracked in the middle of the biggest note of the song and all the kids laughed.”

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