STORIFY Wednesday’s #phsSPIRIT: Career Day

STORIFY Wednesday's #phsSPIRIT: Career Day

PattonvilleTODAY staff

Once again, the seniors were the most spirited class, having 73% of students dressed up for Career Day. The freshmen, once again, came in last.

On the staff side, five departments had 100% participation: Math, Fine Arts, Social Studies, Modern Languages, Clerks/Secretaries

In the ongoing Penny Wars contest, the Seniors currently claim the top spot. That competition runs through Friday.


  • 4th place: Freshmen 27%
  • 3rd: Sophomores 48%
  • 2nd: Juniors 61%
  • 1st: SENIORS 73%

CAREER DAY STAFF RESULTS Departments w/ 100% participation:

  • Math
  • Fine Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Modern Languages
  • Clerks/Secretaries


  • 4th place Juniors: -$24.01
  • 3rd Freshmen: -$7.86
  • 2nd Sophomores: -$5.51
  • 1st SENIORS: -$0.94

Check out the Storify created for Wednesday using posts from Twitter and Instagram using #phsSPIRIT below: