Christian Truong’s Thoughts


Junior Christian Truong’s thoughts on the movie was that it was “underwhelming, and [they] could have done a lot better with what they had been pushing out with other movies.”

Truong said that he was surprised by how different MODOK was in the movie compared to how he was in the comics.

Truong also said he felt that Kang shouldn’t have been able to be beaten so easily.

In [the] comics, he is portrayed to be a lot stronger, and the movie made him really pathetic.

— Christian Truong

To Truong, the lowest points of the movie were “where they’re just exploring the quantum zone… I felt like they were trying to dump a lot of info.”

Truong did, however, have some scenes that were his favorite. 

“My favorite scenes were when Ant-Man drinks that weird substance so he could understand the people, and the last scene where he contemplates on what Kang said at the end and then just forgets about it,” he said.