Ken Lerdahl’s Thoughts


Technical Support Supervisor Ken Lerdahl thought that the movie was fairly decent. 

“It was pretty ‘Star Wars’-y. It wasn’t that I was disappointed that I saw it, I just didn’t think it was a necessary thing for me to go and pay money to see,” Lerdahl said. “But after giving it a little time to sit, I thought it was a pretty necessary movie. It sets up phase five of the MCU pretty strong.”

In regards to the notion that Kang was portrayed as weak, Lerdahl disagreed. 

Kang’s powers is not in any individual one Kang. I mean, look at the end of Loki season one. It’s never just one Kang, it’s the infinite Kangs that give him his powers.

— Ken Lerdahl

Lurdahl said that he felt they “could’ve done a better job of building up the-we’ll call it the ‘Rebel Alliance’ in the Quantum realm, because it is so ‘Star Wars’-y.”

He also said that they “introduced MODOK in a pretty absurd way… honestly, MODOK was kind of a low point [because of] just how absurd the character was.”

Lerdahl did say, however, that his favorite moment was “probably the ‘cantina scene’ with Bill Murray. It was pulled right out of Star Wars, but at the same time it’s freaking Bill Murray.”