All Four Propositions Fail in Bridgeton During April Election

Tehya Cox-Potter, Staff Writer

On April 4, Saint Louis County held their municipal elections. Among many items on the ballot, citizens voted on different propositions. Bridgeton citizens voted on Propositions 1, 2, 3, 4, and M. Maryland Heights citizens voted for Propositions M and U.

Proposition M was passed in both municipalities. This imposes a three percent sales tax on all purchases of recreational marijuana. This new sales tax will be added on to the current state tax of six percent.

In Bridgeton, with 1,367 votes in favor of Proposition M, it was passed at 67.2 percent. Maryland Heights passed the Proposition with 1,737 votes, or 67.5 percent.

All of Bridgeton’s propositions failed. There were 1,292 votes against Proposition 1. Prop 1 was surrounding the current mayor-council government system and would have all responsibility moved to the City Council and the Mayor.

Proposition 2 was to extend a city council member’s term from 2 years to 3 years. 64.1 percent, or 1,291 people, voted against it.

Proposition 3 would allow the mayor to appoint the municipal judge instead of the position being voted on. There were 1,312 votes against it.

Proposition 4 had 1,221 votes against it, coming out to 62.5 percent. Citizens voted on having the administrative assistant’s title switched to “City Administrator.”

The second proposition that Maryland Heights citizens voted for was proposition U. The proposition would impose a Use Tax. A use tax is a tax on goods that are purchased from out of state. This would be a 0.5% tax that would be added to purchases from out-of-state vendors. 48.4% of voters voted in favor of the proposition, this is not enough to get it passed. With 1,321 votes against it, Proposition U was not passed in Maryland Heights.

Voters also re-elected Brian Gray, Lisa Kickbusch, and previous board member Amanda Lienau to the Pattonville School Board of Education.