Three Board Members Re-Elected on April 11


Pattonville School-Community Relations

On April 4, the Pattonville community voted to re-elect Dr. Brian Gray, Lisa Kickbusch, and Amanda Lienau to the Board of Education. “I would just like to thank the voters of Pattonville for allowing me the chance to serve them by electing me to the School Board,” Kickbusch said.

Matthew Jacobi, Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday, April 4, community members voted to re-elect Brian Gray, Lisa Kickbusch, and previous board member Amanda Lienau to the Pattonville School Board of Education.

Dr. Brian Gray has been serving on the board since 2016.

Gray has three pillars that he bases his candidacy on.

“Excellent education with high expectations in Pattonville and to do everything to support students so they can achieve success, to prioritize safety for all students and staff, and to focus on my role to emphasize fiscal policy for residents on spending tax dollars responsibly,” Gray said.

In his next term as President, he hopes to “continue to keep the pirate ship heading in the right direction.”

“I what to keep us a high-achieving district and to continue to foster unity in an ever increasing diverse district,” Gray said. “We are all Americans, we are all pirates. Let’s continue to act in a way that supports one another.”

Gray encourages students to know what their value is, even if others don’t. 

“I would also encourage students to reach out to their BSAAC (Board Student Administrative Action Team) representatives to speak to the board about their ideas that would improve the school,” Gray said. “We get great ideas from our BSAAC meetings.”

Director Lisa Kickbusch has been a part of the Pattonville community for over 30 years as a teacher.

“I wanted to be able to continue helping the district by serving on the School Board,” Kickbusch said.

“I think that Pattonville is an excellent school district and I hope to help the district continue to offer a quality educational experience for all of its students,” Kickbusch said. “I’m looking forward to the next few years and seeing the great things that we will accomplish.”

Amanda Lienau previously served on the Pattonville school board from April 2018 to April 2021.

“I miss being connected to the students, teachers and staff across all the schools,” Lienau said in her statement of purpose. “Public education is a deeply important part of a healthy society. I would like to serve the community that has taken such incredible care of my family.”

Gray wants the community to know how proud he is of them.

Congrats to the students and staff on what they do everyday to create success for themselves, their fellow students, and the district, and your hard work is appreciated,” he said.

All three board members will be sworn into office at the April 11 board meeting.