From Viking to Pirate: Williams is new to Pattonville

Dara Bingham

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Felicity Williams new travel and adjustment to Pattonville and having to learn a whole new schedule.

Freshman Felicity Williams looks over her new class schedule.

Everyone has had that feeling at some point whether it was moving school-to-school and having to make new friends or becoming a freshman in a high school you’re not so familiar with.

There’s a new student at Pattonville that just transferred from Normandy last week and now has to adjust to the Pirate life.

“Pattonville is a good school, and so was Normandy, but they lost their accreditation,” freshman Felicity Williams said.  “I really do miss Normandy, but there were some things I didn’t like when I was there.”

Coming from a school that could soon be out of business because of test scores and because of available funds, Williams mentioned how Normandy had its bad days, but it wasn’t that terrible of a school.

“Pattonville curriculum is a lot tougher than Normandy’s because some stuff they never bothered on teaching us.”

Another tough part about now attending Pattonville doesn’t even take place in the classroom.

“This school isn’t really that big, but there is so much walking I have to do every day from trying to get from one wing to another,” Williams said.

It’s still taking her some time to get adjusted to her new school and she is still trying to learn her schedule by heart and how to get to her classes.

“There are some nice kids that would walk me to class,” Williams said. “And then some days I would act as if I didn’t know where I was going just to have people talk to me.”

Williams even appreciates the fact that she gets her very own computer and gets to have her phone around because at Normandy, it wasn’t allowed to have a phone or use other technology in the halls.

“I do miss Normandy, but I’m happy I’m here and to be a part of the Pirate Pride.”

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From Viking to Pirate: Williams is new to Pattonville