On Nov 9, seniors Kristen Hanna and Mikala McGhee signed to play basketball for the colleges they will be attending Fall 2012.

Hanna decided to go to Missouri Southern State University to play while McGhee decided to sign with Missouri State University.

Hanna picked Missouri Southern in Joplin because she liked the town and “they have a good basketball program who are committed.”

McGhee based her decision on location and scholarship.

”I wanted to go play basketball on a full ride. I wanted to feel comfortable where I was at, and I wanted my parents to be able to come see me play.”

Kailey Utley, another senior varsity basketball player will sign to play soccer at a D1 school later on the year.

With three seniors signing intention to play a college sport, head coach Craig Gregory said its pretty exciting.

“You get to watch them since they were little and get to watch them grow. Its shows dedication,” Gregory said.

Now that the girls have selected their school the athletes can focus on the game.

Brian Lewis, the assistant girls basketball coach said, “It is pressure off the girls wanting to pick a school. They relax more at practice.”

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