Juniors had a class meeting during Homeroom on Sept. 1 with a Jostens sales rep to discuss class ring orders.

As another school year starts, each class gets closer to graduation. To remember these short years, many juniors are looking to buy a class ring.

Jostens had a meeting with the junior class during Homeroom on Sept. 1 to discuss class ring orders and has been in the cafeteria during lunch periods over the past week allowing students to customize and buy a ring.

This year, Jostens is also providing other options that are a little less expensive in some cases for students that are not willing to pay for a ring.

Junior Madelyn Hubbs has ordered her ring and is excited to receive it.

“I ordered a class ring to help remember my high school years and I thought they looked nice,” Hubbs said.

She took advantage of the customization feature to have activities she is involved in engraved on the side and chose to have a swimming and NHS icon.

Junior Savannah McAllister said that she would not be ordering a class ring.

“I don’t really need one and can get a cheaper one from Walmart.”

Some junior athletes, such as Varsity Drill member Erin Bailey, are holding off on ordering their class ring.

“I’m waiting to see if we win state or not, and then I’ll make a decision.”

This year, Jostens also introduced a new line of bracelets and necklaces that students could customize. Alexandria Taylor is one junior who plans on ordering this more unique piece of class jewelry.

“I’m not getting a ring because I would lose it, but I like the necklaces, so I’m customizing one to order instead.”

Students can design their ring on

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