Ms. Klaus takes time to work at her desk.

Not only is Ms. Lisa Klaus new to Pattonville High School – she’s brand new.

“I’ve been here for five days,” Klaus said on the day she was interviewed.

Klaus is one of the newest faces at Pattonville this year and is working in the Special School District department.

She said she’s really excited to be at the high school and that everyone was very friendly and inviting when welcoming her to the new environment.

“[The school] is so big,” she said describing the size of the school to what she is used to. She previously worked in Pevely, Missouri, with elementary school students in smaller groups, so working in a school the size of Pattonville is way different.

Besides adjusting to the building, she is also getting comfortable with the curriculum.

“I haven’t done high school math in a while, so it might be a problem,” she said.

Between trying to catch up on some math skills, Klaus wants to get very involved with the Pattonville setting. She wants to know how things work within the school, like organizing the system, collecting data, and she also wants to be involved with extracurricular activities.

Klaus isn’t all book work and emails, she’s quite the athletic spectator.

“Well, I’m a big sports fan,” she said. “And I hunt deer with my dad. Every November, we hunt.’’

But her No. 1 job is to make sure every student succeeds.

“Every student learns differently,” she said. “Students learn at different paces and it’s important to help them learn.”

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