New orchestra teacher Mr. Michael Dunsmoor works with a student to tune his instrument.

There is a change in leadership for the Pattonville High School orchestra. But that’s not the only change that Mr. Michael Dunsmoor is bringing to the orchestra.

“There will be an outfit change for the concert and chamber orchestra,” Dunsmoor said. “I don’t really like the outfits. They’re not professional for competing against other orchestras.”

He is starting to put his own touches on the orchestra program and is not afraid of being compared to last year’s teacher.

“Yes, I’ve been compared to the teacher before me,” Dunsmoor said, who also shares time with the orchestra program at Holman Middle School. “There was a rumor people were dropping out because of me. It doesn’t bother me that I am compared to him, but I would like the students to understand my style.”

Dunsmoor’s primary instrument is violin and viola but he never imagined himself being a teacher.

“I never wanted to become a teacher, but I just love it,” he said. “When I’m teaching my students, I’m also trying to place myself in their shoes. Every student has a different vibe though. I’m just trying to understand them.”

Dunsmoor is in just his first year of teaching at Pattonville but already has big plans for the future.

“I plan to make String Orchestra a freshman-only class,” Dunsmoor said. “Concert Orchestra will become an advanced orchestra and Chamber Orchestra [a weighted class] will be more clean and professional.”


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