Ms. Jen Wasmer works the sound board during the Mr. PHS show on Friday, Feb. 19.

Ms. Jen Wasmer works the sound board during the Mr. PHS show on Friday, Feb. 19.

Over the next few days, the theater will be occupied with many different performances including concerts by the high school orchestra, band and choir.

In addition to these events, Pattonville hosts other shows like the Mr. PHS Male Beauty Pageant, the Black History Month presentation and productions of the fall play and spring musical.

Ms. Jen Wasmer is the head manager of the auditorium and is in charge of lighting, sound and booking events. Along with those job responsibilities, she also helps with the stage set-up for every event taking place.

“Even in a small way, every day I can be creative and get to teach students what I know about theater even though I’m not a certified teacher,” Wasmer said. “I get to see all the concerts all year including the plays, orchestra performances and Mr. PHS.”

In preparation for setting up for each event, Wasmer likes to take time to meet with the organizer and works with them to create their vision.

“Like for the musical, several weeks after the show has been casted, I meet with the director and discuss the ideas for lighting and sound, and at that meeting, anything I propose to her, she will tell me what she had envisioned and we work together to make her ideas come true and my thoughts come true, too,” Wasmer said. “And for about a month and a half, I work with a group of students setting up for the performance, and we work every Thursday until we get to show week.”

For 18 years, Wasmer has been involved with the theatre and makes sure to use her time at work effectively.

“I try my best to not work any additional hours more than necessary and I make great use of my free time to relax and de-stress.”

With a lot of shows, concerts and plays coming up, there is always work that needs to be done.

“I get it done with a lot of teamwork,” Wasmer said. “We wouldn’t be able to do it without the team at Pattonville.”

Upcoming events taking place in the auditorium (schedule tentative to change):

  • Feb. 18 – Orchestra concert
  • Feb. 19 – Mr. PHS Pageant
  • Feb. 24 – Band concert
  • Feb. 25 – Black History Presentation
  • March 12 – Debate Tournament Awards
  • March  17-19 – Drill Team Variety Show
  • April 6  – International Day
  • April 7 – MAC/DAC Talent Show
  • April 20 – Operation Prom Safe
  • May 2 – District Appreciation Night
  • May 4 – Band Concert
  • May 5 – Choir Concert
  • May 9 – Band Awards
  • May 11- 9-10-11 Grade Awards
  • May 12 – Orchestra Concert
  • May 18 – ACE graduation
  • May 25 – Senior Awards

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