Pirate Press Olympics


Ever wonder what it feels like to be an Olympian? Students have the opportunity to take part in the Pirate Press Olympics before school on Wednesday, February 12. In order to participate, students must show up to room B110 between 7:00 a.m. and 7:23 a.m, prior to the beginning of school on Pattonville’s next B-Day (Feb. 12).

The contest will be an obstacle course that consists of at least 5 different Olympic-themed events. Participants will be timed on various events ranging from paper tossing to Flappy Bird to Olympic trivia. However, penalties will be added in failure to meet all instructions (to be given before event) and add to the total time needed to complete the fast-paced course. All students entering the competition will earn a participant prize, and Olympic-themed prizes will be given to bronze (3rd place) , silver (2nd) , and gold (1st) finishers.

While offering students with an opportunity to engage in unique mini-office activities, this competition is free of charge. Any student is encouraged to sign up. Registration for the event ends on Tuesday, Feb. 11, students can sign up by or find out more details by responding to @phsTODAY on Twitter or visiting Mr. Heyman in Room B110 between now and the end of school next Tuesday.

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