ThIMG_0826e library has been updating its space to create more room for classes to use.

“We want to create a nicer space here,” library paraprofessional Ms. Emily Harris said. “There’s only three tables down in the middle section and you can’t fit a class of 23 students students in the middle of the library.”

The library isn’t just updating their space – they are giving outdated books and textbooks away to different organizations.

“When we withdraw old books, we sometimes pass them on to Kidsmart, a local warehouse of school materials for disadvantaged school districts,” Harris said.

The library usually does that twice a year.

“A lot of our resources are way out of date,” Harris said. “We are making an effort to get rid of them and pass them on to someone else.”

According to Harris, the books in any library have be relatively up to date.

“One of our main goals is to ensure that we create a nicer space here in the library and update our collection of books as well.”

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