As the school year for seniors continues to go, it’s the last of many things: Last first day, last homecoming, and last band concert. But, starting today, it’s the Class of 2017’s last winter break.

Many of the students have plans to make this last break special before they graduate in May. Some students go away for vacation while other students may have parties with their friends to celebrate the holidays.

Kayla Bernhoester (12): “I’m going to be crying about my final grades once they are entered into PowerSchool. After I’m done crying, then I’m going to have some friends come over to watch movies and stuff our faces with food.”

Lindsey Rossel (12): “I’m going to try not to be sick. I’m also going to spend time with my boyfriend and both of our families because it’ll be our first Christmas together.”

Joshua Wilder (12): “I’ll be making memories, eating lots and lots of food, and enjoying what I have. I’m also happy that I can spend it with my family.”

Kyle Brand (12): “I’m going to Branson, Missouri, to spend time with family and have fun.”

Looking for something to do over Winter break? There are plenty of options in the St. Louis area.

  • Go see movie
  • Wild Lights at the Saint Louis Zoo
  • Skiing at Hidden Valley
  • SkyZone
  • Bowling

If the cold weather prevents you from going out and having fun, then just stay in your warm bed, drink hot chocolate, and binge watch TV shows on Netflix all Winter Break. There are plenty of shows to choose from.

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