Blues game on sunday April 13th against the Detroit Red Wings

The St. Louis Blues take on the Detroit Red Wings at a regular season game played at Scottrade Center. (File photo)

The St. Louis Blues are tied with the Dallas Stars 3-3 in the Second Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They play Game 7 on Wednesday, May 11, in Dallas. The face-off is at 7 p.m.

We asked students and teachers if they believe the Blues are going to win tomorrow and why:

Liza Gusleva “I believe they are going to win because I’m optimistic and I believe in my team.”

Ms. Amy Adam “Well, I’m a very superstitious person, so I had a shirt and the Blues would win every time I wore it, but then they lost. So now since I won’t be wearing the shirt, they will win.”

Josh White “I think the Blues are going to win. We just need to keep scoring goals and keep playing defense well.”

Jack Brown “Yeah, I think we will win. Our team is the most resilient I have seen in years. This past series after Dallas scored first (Games 2 and 3), we have scored back in less than two minutes. Multiple other times we have matched a Stars goal within 5 minutes. The team is aggressive and with the emergence of Brouwer, Elliot, and Stastny, this postseason makes us the most dangerous team left.”

Mr. Shaun Patrick “I believe they’re going to win because I am a Blues fan. They’ll win, because I told them to win.”

Maddi Gamache “I think they’re going to win because the Blues are awesome and they really deserve a Stanley Cup. I believe this is their year.”

Taylor Hays “I think they’re going to win because we have a strong fan base that believes in the team.”

Madelynne Coffey “I hope so they’ll win. They’ve been playing well and they have to execute on scoring chances.”

Kyle Rhodes “I think they will win because all our players are healthy so we have a better chance of playing well.”

Juan Moreno “They are going to win and they will have good opportunities to win. They have been playing well and I believe they will beat the Stars.”

Amanda Faust “We already beat them three times so I think they will do great!”

Brooke Nicewaner “I think they’re going to win because we’ve already beat them three times. We also have played really well on the road so I think we have a good chance of winning.”

Ryan Martin “I think they’ll win because the Stars goaltending isn’t good enough to stop our offense.”

Ross Reynolds “They are going to win because the Stars aren’t as good. But knowing the Blues, they might blow it because they like to make things hard on themselves.”

Rene Greenwell “I don’t know if they’re going to win because they’ve been playing on and off for the past couple of games so we’ll have to wait and see.”

Erykah White “I like their colors better than that other team’s color.”

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