Students with computer problems can visit Mr. Travis Harder in the iLearn Center to have it resolved by a student helper or teacher. (File photo)

iLearn is the place where students can go for help with their computers.

“Any time a student breaks a computer, they come up here and we file a report, and Mr. Ray Braun fixes it,” Dylan Sowell (12) said. “Mr. Travis Harder helps with the software issues and Mr. Joe Gutierrez helps with the networking issues.”

There are student helpers in the iLearn Center every hour and they are there to help keep Harder, Braun, Gutierrez organized.

Students with computer problems can see the student helpers first when they go to iLearn, and if the student helpers can’t fix the problem with the laptop, then they will send it to Harder.

So far this year, the most common computer problem is connecting to the network, which can usually be fixed by just restarting the computer.

“Personally, I’ve learned a lot in this class,” Sowell said. “I’ve learned how to use Macs, other types of computers, how to take apart computers, and a little bit of programming. A lot of the students in the class actually know a lot about computers and programming, and they teach me some stuff too.”

In order to become a student helper, the student must be at least a sophomore. If interested, talk to Mr. Harder about wanting to be a student helper for the next school year and sign up the class on registration day.

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