3 for 3: Pride of Pattonville Receives Grand Champions at Three Competitions for Third Year

Isabelle Usry (12). The drum majors constantly look for ways to make things look or sound cleaner, better, and smoother. “There are always improvements that we can make musically and visually, but making sure everyone has a great attitude going in and the mental focus to perform is essential in competition,” Patrick Ferguson said.

Abigail Evers, Writing Editor

The Pride of Pattonville Marching Band has received Grand Champions at three competitions this season, marking the third year they have won all three.

Pride of Pattonville competed in their annual competition hosted by Farmington High School on September 17. Marching Band and Color Guard tied for first with Windsor High School, but ended up taking Grand Champions. They received Best Guard, Percussion, Ensemble, and Visual.

A week later on September 24, Marching Band received Grand Champions at Fox High School. They placed 1st in Auxilary (Guard), Percussion, Ensemble, and Visual.

On October 15, they were awarded Grand Championships at Quincy High School, receiving Best Auxilary and Field Show Champions. This competition was in two parts, a parade and a performance, both of which they were judged on.