School Beautification: Students Leaving their Mark


Elise Banks

Student art portrayed in schools helps students get recognized by their peers and other administration. This recognition encourages students to express themselves freely in school.

Elise Banks, Copy Editor

When walking down the hallways to get to class, students are seeing the same white walls day to day. While some may assume that these walls don’t have an impact on students, the impact is far greater than what meets the eye.

Students all over the country are eager to express their abilities and by portraying student art around schools, it is a way for schools to show that they support students, and encourage them to express themselves.

Senior Lauren Cagel from Mehlville High School thinks that art around school makes the environment more personable and comfortable for students.

“As a student, I love the art around the school and wish there was more and that it could be more personalized,” Cagel said.

Seeing different pieces of art around the school can create a more healthy and welcoming environment for both students and teachers. When students are getting recognized for their work, it creates a safer and more comfortable space for students.

Artwork provides an opportunity to learn from each other and to appreciate the work of others, nurturing empathy, respect, and a strong sense of classroom community.

However, when some students vandalize school art, it may leave the student artist feeling offended and discouraged.

When student murals are put up, “it is beautiful, however a lot of kids graffiti over it,” Kirkwood High School senior Caroline Steidley said.

Respecting and honoring the art already shown around the school will allow admin to be more accepting of the idea of student art around school.

“This is not a prison, and they don’t want us to feel that way, so give us an opportunity to put up things that inspire and motivate students to do their work in their class, not sleep,” Cagel said.

When displaying art that is positive and encouraging, it helps create a positive atmosphere throughout the school and within the student body.

“It makes the environment cuter and much more positive,” Kirkwood High School sophomore Ayla Kim said.

Displaying student art around the school will create a better sense of community and allow students to support one another. The art being displayed may also encourage other students to try an art class, or express themselves in other artistic ways.

An article from Public School Review states that schools with higher student involvement in the arts reported to have the highest attendance rates in school at an average of 95.1%.

Since it is proven that students are more likely to show up for school once they have a creative outlet provided for them, schools should encourage students to participate in something that allows them to express themselves in a healthy and positive way.

By student art being displayed around schools, students are encouraged to express themselves freely. The feedback from students proves that creative freedom is highly valued in their schools and creates a sense of comfortability throughout the school. Promoting student art can also open opportunities for their future and fuel their passion for self expression.