Parent/Teacher Conferences will be on March 5 and 6

Dara Bingham

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Conferences are held in the gym in this October 2013 file photo. Meetings with teachers are held in the gym and cafeteria and teachers from the Special School District are available to meet in B104.

The Day of Judgment is rapidly approaching when teachers will meet with parents to tell them whether students have been naughty or nice in class.

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be Wednesday, March 5 (4-30-8 p.m.) and Thursday, March 6 (4:30-7:30 p.m.).

“I don’t really know for real if I’ll go,” freshman Ronisha Wilkerson said. “But I think my momma is going to make me go.”

The end of the grading period was Feb. 20 and that’s when teachers finalized calculating grades from all the assignments and assessments students have taken during the 4th Grading Period, or the first six weeks of the 2nd semester.

As a way to encourage attendance, report cards are handed out to parents that attend parent/teacher conferences.

“I haven’t been to a conference since 6th grade, so I’m not so intrigued on going,” Tanedra Rhode said.

With two grading periods remaining in the semester, there’s nothing really to worry about for students because this report card isn’t the permanent semester grade.

The goal of parent/teacher conferences is for parents and teachers to discuss what has been happening during the first part of the semester and to talk about ways grades can be improved before the final grade has to be entered.

Some students can predict what will be said and try to not have their parents attend because they are trying to save themselves from embarrassment.

“I don’t want to go because I know my teachers are going to say I don’t really do my work or I’m disruptive,” Niveah Harvey said.

Because of conferences being held on Wednesday and Thursday night, the high school does not have school on Friday, March 7. So enjoy the day off…or if conferences don’t go well for you, enjoy cleaning your room.

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  1. Samantha Gittemeier on March 6th, 2014 7:39 am

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Parent/Teacher Conferences will be on March 5 and 6