EoC Exams begin next week

Jordan Colquitt

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Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 7.27.48 AMDue to the number of tests being given at Pattonville High School, the EoC schedule has been created and will take place for two weeks.

Class times have been adjusted to meet both testing needs and to balance class meeting times over the course of the two weeks. Lunch shifts vary and some days are based on Wings and some days are based on the class.  Normal class schedules, lunch schedules, dismissal times, and tests given are noted per day on the schedule.

Certain rules for students and teachers will be followed during the EOC testing window to make sure test security is at its highest and to maintain a good school environment:

  • Do not allow students in the halls or write passes for students for other times of the day. In the case of an emergency, please contact the guidance office for an escort. The math help center will be closed for tutoring during the school day as well.
  • Please do not schedule any other major tests for students this week as many students will be taking multiple EoCs.
  • We will not be ringing bells between lunches; please dismiss students at the appropriate times. Please also note lunch shifts are based by wings and differ each day.
  • Please limit Internet use; you can, however, use inter-district Internet use freely (PowerSchool, FirstClass, Moodle, and printing). Any outside use of the Internet (websites, web searches, video streaming, etc.) could impair the testing environment. Please note: class times that are shorter than 80 minutes will not be used for testing. Internet use does not need to be limited in these class periods.
  • If a student is assigned to ISS, he or she will need to be escorted from ISS to the classroom during the required EoC. Proctors, please contact guidance to have these students walked to your rooms.
  • The tests must not be read, scored, reviewed, photocopied, duplicated, scanned, transported by students, or made accessible to personnel not responsible for testing. Both written and/or verbal discussion of specific EoC assessment items breaches the security and integrity of the test and may result in invalidation or loss of scores for accountability purposes.
  • When students arrive to take their exams, please have them restart their computers before taking the exam.
  • Remember the following items are prohibited for all student use any time during testing time: cell phones, electronic music players, digital cameras, portable gaming devices, and any other device that can connect to the Internet. After each student has completed the exam, have the student put his or her computer away.
  • Students taking the math exams are only allowed to use four-function calculators or calculators whose memories have been cleared immediately before the test by a teacher.

Make-up tests will be given Monday and Tuesday of the following week (5/12 and 5/13). Students will be able to travel the halls and the Internet will not be limited.

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EoC Exams begin next week