VIDEO Freshmen involved in sports at Pattonville

Kamilah Kirkwood

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The class of 2018 is no stranger to the world of sports. A large number of the freshmen who are currently participating in Pattonville sports, or participated in the fall season, have participated in either middle school, or somewhere in their community.

For some, the transition from middle school sports to high school sports is a lot to handle. For others, the change is something to be appreciated and is much more enjoyable.

“High school is a lot better than middle school, it’s more organized and it’s actually easier to deal with,” Cory Fisk from the freshmen football team said.

“In high school we practice every day and it’s more competitive, and the competitions are bigger,” Chloe Neal said.

Pattonville is home to numerous sports, and offers everyone a chance at something they may like. From golf to football, there’s something for everyone. For those students who participated in sports elsewhere, a decision was to be made to where they would continue to play. For freshmen like Kori Gibbons who is a varsity cheerleader, the decision came easily.

“High school cheer is so much better, and you know, you make so many more friends,” Gibbons explains.

For others, the choice to become part of Pattonville’s sports department came from their very own roots.

“I wanted to join football because it’s a great sport and it’s very teamwork worthy. My dad used to play. He used to be a linebacker in college and a starter in high school,” freshman football player Will Pirrie said.

No matter how the students came across their choice of sports, they have no ideas of quitting now. Class of 2018 is here to stay, win, and only get stronger. Make sure to check out Pattonville’s freshmen at all of their different events.

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VIDEO Freshmen involved in sports at Pattonville