Choir earns top scores

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Choir earns top scores

Jasir Gillum, Color Commentator

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On March 11 at Large Group Choir Festival, all four Pattonville choirs received the highest rating of Exemplary-1 from all three judges on their prepared pieces.

The Chamber Choir, Treble Choir and Men’s Choir each received an overall Exemplary-1 rating, while the Women’s Choir received an Outstanding-2.

One day earlier, a few Pattonville choir students performed at the Solo and Ensemble Festival and earned the top score of a 1-rating. One of those students was sophomore Tony Washington.

Tony, what songs did you sing for Solo and Ensemble?

For my solo, I sang “Go Lovely Rose” by Roger Quilter, and for ensemble, I sang “Ava Maria.”

Cool. Now that you got a 1-rating, what happens next?

Now I go to state to qualify for a bronze, silver. or gold. Last year I got gold, so this year I want to repeat.

Fantastic, well I hope you do just that and good luck.