Pattonville and Hazelwood West’s boy’s varsity basketball teams played an exciting game for a fight against heart disease Friday, Feb. 11.

With about 200 people observing the activity, the teams brought all their game on to the court. It was a game that put aside the long rivalry between both schools, however on the court both teams put up a strong fight.

Pattonville at the start of the game took the lead with Hazelwood West trying to stop them. Both teams rushing back and forth trying to put their team on top with the minutes wasting away; the teams starting to teeter-totter the score repeatedly. The crowd could feel the pressure of both teams, screaming, shouting, and supporting their team.

The end of the 2nd quarter crept up, Hazelwood taking the lead 20-12. People from the stands stared at the coaches who were making obvious gestures to their players. The excitement and stress on not only the players, but the coaches as well.

At the buzzer, both teams approached the court, sweaty and comprehending their next plays. To start it off Pattonville allowed Hazelwood to gain three more points keeping the rival in the top spot. Hazelwood got called with a foul and allowed Pattonville player to make two free throws. The score now up to 18-23. The close score makes the teams eager to pull for the next shots. With just 30 seconds left remaining in the 3rd quarter senior, Sean Collins makes his shot to put Pattonville at 20-23. Now, Pattonville is following closely behind and Hazelwood gets tense.

Nearly at the beginning of the 4th quarter Pattonville junior Justin Morrow makes his mark with a basket and Hazelwood’s player getting one point. Following him, senior Jeremiah Wilkens puts the score at 23-24. The score becoming closer and closer, tension fills the crowd and the teams. Hazelwood gets back with two free throws now three points ahead.

Pattonville seems to be getting tired and putting their guard down, allowing Hazelwood to hold the lead. At least that is what they lead people to think. All of sudden Pattonville adds up four points tying the game at 27.

With less than 5 minutes in the 4th quarter the teams continue to push toward victory over the other team. Hazelwood pushed harder, putting 8 more points on the scoreboard. With just 24 seconds left sophomore Eddie Longmeyer makes two free throws, but that just wasn’t enough.

Those two points didn’t mean anything to the two more points Hazelwood proceeded to get.

There wasn’t much the Pattonville Pirates could do at less than 24 seconds left and down by eight points. Hazelwood took the victory in this game, final score being 37-29. It was a well-fought game by both teams and great defense played.

The game was suppose to be for the fight against heart disease, and the rivalry between the schools to be pushed aside. Someone had to win, and that’s exactly what Hazelwood West did. The game was entertaining. However, it was hard to keep up with, with the continuously changing score and back and forth defense.

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