Beginning with Buckets


Elise Banks

Coach Donald Boyce congratulates Senior Jasmine Gray with a hug and a poster made by her team.

Elise Banks, Copy Editor

On Thursday, December 8th, the girls varsity basketball team went up against the St. Charles West Warriors. The gym was filled with excitement and anticipation from the crowd, knowing that the game was about to begin.

As the game progressed and entered into the third quarter, the Lady Pirates were up by 10. Senior Jasmine Gray went in for a quick layup and the crowd roared with excitement. Her teammates rushed over to her, tackling Gray on to the floor and congratulating her on joining the 1000 point club. Within moments of scoring her 1000th point, Coach Donald Boyce awarded Gray with a commemorative basketball and gifts from the team.

The game ended with a victory for the lady pirates, with the final score being 59-29. Their current season score is 10-3.

With only losing three games, they’re setting themselves up for a competitive, yet, strong season.

Senior Taylor Montgomery sees the potential in this year’s team.

“As a captain and a senior, it’s important for me to observe the team and see where we are, and I honestly think that we whole-heartedly have a chance of being really successful this season,” Montgomery said.

As the season continues to progress, it’s important to the girls to continue to bond with each other and build relationships on and off the court.

“I’m proud of how close we all are as a team and I feel that it shows on the court,” senior Zoe Cox said. “We’re pretty much always with each other on and off the court. Recently we’ve been going to a lot of different basketball games together but we’ve gone to carnivals, out to eat, bowling, parties, football games etc.”

Although those off the court activities help the girls build relationships with one another, there are always things that need improvement.

“Sometimes our attitudes can get in the way of us playing at our best and I personally feel like if we could look past that, we would most definitely be better in some areas,” Montgomery said.

The impressions the girls leave on each other is long lasting and affects future teammates.

“I want to be remembered as a leader for sure, and also someone the girls can come to, either dealing with basketball or not,” Taylor said.

With this only being the beginning of the season, these girls look promising and seem to have the drive and ability to make this season memorable.