img_9911School attendance is one of the factors in determining student success. Successful schools begin by engaging students and making sure they come to school regularly. Pattonville has a goal of an overall attendance rate of 90 percent.

In the “Attendance Battle of Classes” through Grading Period 2, only two grades of students had over a 90 percent attendance rate as a class.

  1. Freshmen – 90.4%
  2. Juniors – 90.2%
  3. Sophomores – 87.3%
  4. Seniors – 86.3%

The overall attendance rate at Pattonville High School is 88.6 percent.

As the second grading period just ended, attendance records have shown the freshmen class and junior class achieving over the 90 percent attendance rate. Because of that, those students received free ice cream at a lunch period.

Freshmen also achieved the goal of 90 percent attendance rate at the end of the first grading period.


“I think it’s fantastic that they give us free food for coming to school,” junior Yazmin Laserna said. “I think that encourages students to attend classes to improve their attendance as a grade.”

She likes the incentive of ice cream being given.

“It’s probably the best incentive that the school could give students because food is the way to our hearts.”

Attendance rates are important for other factors too. Students need a 90 percent attendance rate in order to attend dances, maintain a parking sticker, and, most importantly, earn better grades.

Students can track their attendance percentage by logging on to PowerSchool.

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